Constant change in human-controlled software

Well, the drawbacks and evil behavior of constant change I understood year earlier, when tried to utilize variables from Android operating system. As you probably know, Android is very fragmented system and companies which receive Android fro Google brake it into pieces and make some of the data renamed and hidden in a quick matter of time.

Constant change – never trust that variable, output or data from a software currently supported by programmers will stay formatted and visible in the same way as it is now, for any longer period of time.

My website ( which have title-like design, was reading data in a fly from i.e. Kickstarter (more info here:, about number of my contributions. The data was download by cURL and later parsed with PHP XML Dom processing. Probably the tag name was changed, and now I have to fix this.

Lesson: If you use data processing in your software, which is under danger of being constantly change, always check if your software is working. In perfect situation, never make such software 🙂