About Gittip – “crowdfunding site”

Well, it may be little shabby that I want to write about something that already exists for a particular time and got more or less quite decent attention after all. Gittip calls itself a crowdfunding site. Most often, somebody finds out about Gittip when wandering around a popular blog/website of an IT guy, programmer, blogger or any other recognized community influencer. It doesn’t stop someones from inserting a Gittip widget on his site, but a counter of 0,0$ received may look disappointing at some point.

The main idea of the portal are bi-diretional money transfers, and secondly, sending money to someone you admire to support him.

On the main page, you have a choice of searching a person by pointing to a GitHub or Twitter or a BitBucket user, or browsing the Gittip community (still, you could just have clicked a widget before, so omit this step).

What strikes me is the fact that statistics are shown basing on the “per week”. Gittip states that

2,700 users are exchanging $12,700 per week

And there are more artists than technology evangelists. Well, maybe those tech guys don’t have problems with funding their ideas at all.

To sum up, I would seriously discuss the the interpretation of Gittip as a “crowdfunding site”, maybe because in my interpretation, crowdfunding is limited to projects, not persons, and projects have a feature of a close time of existence from point A to ->B (which is maturity, product lunch, etc.)