Habari CMS shows every time during visit a weird PHP warning

Core Warning: Module 'sqlite3' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

I created and maintain a website which runs on a Habari CMS (https://github.com/habari/habari).

I was getting this annoying warning displayed on my website every time I visited it, and it was driving me mad.

So that’s why I contacted the Habari team, and they provided me with a SO solution (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7200770/pear-shows-a-weird-php-warning-every-time-i-execute-any-command)

After greping the projects, I noticed that there was no include() or require() which would be connected with Sqlite3 module. It made me think that sqlite3 is pre-compiled in my hosting provider. I started to play around with php.ini file, but it was not applying whatever I would change there. I noticed that I must add a dot and name the file .php.ini to be consumed by my hosting server.

So the final patch .php.ini file is now containing:

error_reporting = E_ERROR | E_WARNING
display_errors = 0