Tiny yet powerfull free (PHP) CMS of my choice

'Habari project' logo

Habari (http://habariproject.org/)

My fav. An open-source project held in GitHub (https://github.com/habari/habari). Current version is 0.9.1. It took me a while to notice there is a more decent template available already in the control panel. Their support is great, my problem was solved within an hour after creating an issue on the GitHub portal. Don’t be mislead by the number of stars on their GitHub repository (164 as on March 2014), this CMS is flawless and reacts fast to the requests.

Sample site: www.datascience.org.pl

'Pico CMS' part of their site

Pico (http://pico.dev7studios.com/)

“A stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS.” Doesn’t really have an admin module, neither control panel. It works by manually uploading .md files to a content directory on the server side. Their GitHub repository is https://github.com/gilbitron/Pico, and they already have 1216 stars (as on March 2014).

Sample site: www.latex.pc.pl

'Windu CMS' logo

Windu (http://windu.org/)

Polish content management system aspiring to be as functional as DotNetNuke. Written to work in PHP, Windu is for free and supports thoughtful content customization and l18n versioning.

Sample site: www.wikiteams.pl

'Bolt CMS' logo

Bolt (http://bolt.cm/)

“Sophisticated, lightweight & simple CMS. Latest version: 1.5.0”. I just started using it recently, but it already looks very decent and powerful. Supports SqlLite, MySQL and PostresSQL. Runs on PHP 5.1+, checks on vulnerable PHP settings and inform about chaning them immediatly as ‘a must’ <Good Guy Bolt>

Sample site: www.nltk.pl

Croogo (http://croogo.org/)

Croogo – The CakePHP powered Content Management System

Flatpress (http://flatpress.org/home/)

FlatPress is a blogging engine that saves your posts as simple text files


Habari CMS shows every time during visit a weird PHP warning

Core Warning: Module 'sqlite3' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

I created and maintain a website which runs on a Habari CMS (https://github.com/habari/habari).

I was getting this annoying warning displayed on my website every time I visited it, and it was driving me mad.

So that’s why I contacted the Habari team, and they provided me with a SO solution (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7200770/pear-shows-a-weird-php-warning-every-time-i-execute-any-command)

After greping the projects, I noticed that there was no include() or require() which would be connected with Sqlite3 module. It made me think that sqlite3 is pre-compiled in my hosting provider. I started to play around with php.ini file, but it was not applying whatever I would change there. I noticed that I must add a dot and name the file .php.ini to be consumed by my hosting server.

So the final patch .php.ini file is now containing:

error_reporting = E_ERROR | E_WARNING
display_errors = 0