Legit – Git Workflow for “Humans”

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Legit – simplifying git by reducing its workflow to only couple of instructions

“Legit is a complementary command-line interface for Git, optimized for workflow simplicity. It is heavily inspired by GitHub for Mac.” As I am quoting those words, in March 2014, this OSS project already have 3,055 stars on the counter. I like the idea of reducing the code-revision workflow to snappy 5 commands, and I introduced it to my students recently. There is a small drawback – installing this additions requires sudo on the machine – git-legit is not a part of pypi packaging.

$ git sync
# Syncronizes current branch. Auto-merge/rebase, un/stash.

$ git switch <branch>
# Switches to branch. Stashes and restores unstaged changes.

$ git publish <branch>
# Publishes branch to remote server.

$ git unpublish <branch>
# Removes branch from remote server.

$ git branches
# Nice & pretty list of branches + publication status.

Utilizing multiple processor cores for faster TAR compressing on Linuxes.

From the forum http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/utilizing-multi-core-for-tar-gzip-bzip-compression-decompression-4175426075/

The gzip command itself is single threaded, but you can replace it on system with pigz, or provide extra arguments to the ‘tar’ command itself, which will give you a significant speed-up..

From the tar manpage:

-I, --use-compress-program PROG
      filter through PROG (must accept -d)

So, typical tar options to compress and extract files with tar plus pigz might be…

tar -I pigz -cf test.tar.gz *

tar -I pigz -xf test.tar.gz

Happy compressing!