Visualizing my university facebook fanpage – PJWSTK

Netvizz starting from already a year or more will anonymize user names and surnames in an output produced from it’s execution. While Netvizz is of course a tool of choice, and works quite well, we will use here a NodeXL for creating a social network for further analysis.

NodeXL gives you also possibility to user additional plugins. If you look at the main website of Nodexl ( there should be a link called “search available plugins”. We are interested in the “Social Network Importer for NodeXL”. There may be some problems with installing it (at least i encountered them on Win 8.1 and Office 2013.. more info here:

NodeXL as well as Netvizz produce as an output a file type graphml which is an XML-based file format for graphs. It can hold structures including directed, undirected, mixed graphs, hypergraphs, and application-specific attributes. It’s possible to attach a date for representing a dynamic graph (it requires data transformation because Gephi won’t understand time frames bundled into attributes.. you can always consider export to gexl format).

I’m not exactly satisfied with Gephi because it won’t work well with huge networks (despite the fact of extending memory size for Java Virtual Machine.. yes Gephi runs on Java).

I uploaded Gephi files and other which I used for analysing the PJWSTK fanpage ( to a GitHub repository (, which I plan to update from time to time with more sophisticated, more beautiful networks and their analysis 🙂

Layout with algorithm Force Atlas + YifanHu
Zoom on central interesting part
OpenOrd layout
Zoom on central part
3 times OpenOrd, last with expansion 30%
Zoom in
Labels of one of the communities

I also calculated some simple statistics.

In-degree distribution
Out-degree distribution
Degree distribution
Closeness Centrality Distribution

I need to contact my senpai beause I am not sure on export plugins which allow to make great html+javascript websites. I once saw a plugin which generates a page with some nice toolbar, but I don’t remeber the name. “Seadragon Web” plugin works so so, it only allows zooming on still images. Maybe you know some good plugin for Gephi exports to web pages ?


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