I found out today about thanks to the job offer which arrived on my LinkedIn mailbox from Tania L. It’s a website which reminded me in the beginning of a oDesk alternative, but it makes for more direct connection on the line between engineers and employers. The are no job offer listing here, toptal makes sure that a company will find proper engineers for its ongoing tasks.

At Toptal, you won’t have to throw product requirements over a wall, deal with multiple middlemen managing your team, or pay a flat project fee. Instead, you will be connected with a superb remote engineer, who will interface with your team as an internal engineer working from home would.


It’s another example for me when a company focused on analyzing and dealing with job market searches for a Data Scientist. Recently I saw Data science internships in the Monster co. (yup, the job search portal). So despite the recession job seek professions seems fine and they have a lot of multidimensional data to analyze.

What got my attention is that they publish open source to GitHub profile:

Not to shabby!


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